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Privacy and Security Policy

Smart-Writer.com is a website that offers business and academic writing services to clients worldwide. As we deal directly with you, our precious clients, we fully commit to protect your privacy and confidentiality at all times. During transactions, it may be required for you to provide some of your personal information such as your name, e-mail address, contact details, etc. This exchange of information is necessary for you to be able to use the services that we provide. This applies specifically each time you make a purchase order or job request from us. In such instances, you will be asked to send us your personal information which we vow to collect and keep securely in our customer database system. We commit to take reasonable and rightful measures of collecting information from you. In fact, you can be assured that whatever information you will transmit to us during the processing of job orders will be kept privately by our company.

We also vow to obtain payment information from you only through legitimate and secure means such as via a reputable online payment system, money transfer service and through an established banking institution. Nevertheless, please take extra caution when sending payment details to us. It is best to not send us any sensitive information such as your credit card number as we cannot protect you from any unauthorized accessing of such information. Our company does not store sensitive data from the customers such as your credit card or debit card numbers.

We also commit that any information you will transmit to us will never be shared with other companies. We may however, use your e-mail address to inform you of any special promotions or marketing communications that our company has in line with our services. You will also have the right to stop us from sending you any marketing communications if you do not wish to receive any.

We also commit to fully protect the information of other individuals/ persons that you will share with us. Similar to your personal information, these will never be shared to other companies and the privacy and confidentiality of such information will be maintained at all times.

Refund Policy

Smart-Writer.com upholds the right of the clients to receive a high-standard and quality paper. Nevertheless, in cases when you are unsatisfied with our services and you would like to request for a payment refund, this will have to undergo an investigation. You will be required to send us the work completed by our writer and present to us an explanation (in writing) on why you need to refund your payment. It is important that you send us an e-mail that explains in detail why you are requesting for a refund so we can fully assess your concerns. Our team of editors will conduct a review of the work and will evaluate if an amendment may be made on the paper, instead of a refund. Allow us to work on the amendments of the paper for at least 7 to 10 days. Afterwards, our team will contact you on the succeeding steps. Please note that it is only in extreme (and extraordinary cases) that we will allow a refund of the payment made by our clients.

Quality Assurance Policy

Smart-Writer.com is fully committed to writing papers that are 100% original, expertly-written, customized according to the client’s needs and delivered right on time. Anything short of these things that we promised to deliver to you will fail to pass our quality standards. Hence, to ensure the quality of work we provide you, we have partnered with the best professional writers to work on your papers. We have writers that specialize in every field and with this, you can be assured that the quality of work that we will provide to you will not only pass the industry standards but will also meet your expectations. We also have a team of professional editors who are tasked to check and assess the quality and originality of the content of each work before handing them to you. The moment you receive your order, we guarantee your satisfaction!

Pricing Policy

Smart-Writer.com offers one of the best-quality writing services that you can afford. Our company prides itself on both quality and affordability which are the main reasons why this business has been around for many years. In fact, compared to other writing service companies, our pricing is one of the most affordable and reasonable— also the top reasons why most of our clients keep on coming back to avail of our services. Nevertheless, we also uphold our right to increase our prices in line with the industry standards. When we do so, we vow to inform you ahead of our transactions so you will be properly informed of any price changes.

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